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I have had so many compliments on my daughters, and although I would like to take all of the credit for their development, I know that your school has played a big part in who they are and how they act.
I've gone through that whole process of how to find schools and this is just the best that I've seen. She really loves it.
We looked at some of the other private schools in town and for the money, for what they were offering, for what I felt my daughter could get out of it, this was the best choice.

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Welcome to Prep Academy Schools

At Prep Academy Schools, we are developing a generation of young people who will compete and excel not only in their future education, but in the ever-increasingly competitive world they will face. We believe what goes into the mind of a child, comes out in the life of an adult, so we are preparing each and every Prep student to be leaders in their future adult world.

How are Prep Academy Schools different from other childcare programs and preschools you’ll find?
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How we prepare our children today starting at birth is the key to their success in the future. We all owe our children the best education money can buy, and that’s what we offer at Prep Academy Schools!


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Full-Day Kindergarten

After School Enrichment


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